Artisans receive training on entrepreneurship and business management

Entrepreneurship development training intended to enhance the capacity and willingness of 24 apprentices to develop, organize, and manage their business ventures under the Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR) and Trax Ghana partnership project has ended successfully. Over the course of the five day training, participants gained knowledge on entrepreneurship and business development, marketing plans and product development, product and organization management planning, financial planning, record keeping, financial resource mobilization using the Village savings and Loans Association (VSLA), marketing skills and business registration among others. They were also taken through Life skills training to develop their social and interpersonal skills for a responsible lifestyle and also to cope with the demands of everyday life. The training’s practical approach to instruction, knowledge-sharing and guide through the process of making individual business plans for their respective chosen ventures over the course of the training meant that the participants gained hands on experience. After the end of the training, participants were extremely grateful to TFSR and Trax Ghana, some of the participant’s remarks “This training will help me better manage my business and live a happy family life.”, “the knowledge acquired in business planning will help me gain clarity in terms of my expenses and income. It will also help me figure out how to reduce cost and garner better profits as self-employed for a better life”. “This training has invigorated me and added value to my dream to become self-employed to cater for myself and my family, this will really change my life!.”

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