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Earning an Additional Annual Income through VSLA

Under a tree in Nwan, a farming community in the Upper East Region in Ghana, there is a group of women who come together every week to make savings. Their Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) was established in October … Continue reading

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Supporting Women with Seed for Food Security and as Start-Up Capital

Research shows that if women have equal access to land, livestock, new technologies, financial services, education and extension advice, agricultural production across Africa would increase by 20  to 30%. This could decrease the number of hungry people globally by 12 … Continue reading

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Improved Mudstoves save more than just energy

There is currently a movement to increase the use of clean cooking stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa. Clean cooking stoves can take many forms, one of which is a variation of traditional mud-built stoves. Sometimes they are referred to as energy-saving mud stoves because … Continue reading

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Village Savings & Loan Associations: Making Dreams Come True

Village Savings and Loan Associations for women are one way in which Trax Ghana aims to promote gender equality. These groups of female farmers meet once a week to contribute a small amount of cash money to a fund. Later … Continue reading

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Farmer Testimony: How Three Goats changed Mrs Tabii’s Life

Mrs Tabii Tii (45) is a farmer in Pelungu, Upper East Region in Ghana and is the mother of six children. She is responsible for buying food and other provisions for her household, but she used to have to ask … Continue reading

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